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My name is Gail Russell, but some people call me “Patsy Gail.” In January, my North Carolina roommate and I packed-full her orange Honda CRV en route to 121st and Amsterdam. This spring, I took one class with Dr. Greene and started painting the town a rainbow of colors.  In May (2010) I began the PhD in English education program and plan to research the high school to college transition, particularly for students in low college retention rate populations. My interests in English education include curriculum and assessment, critical discourse analysis, and narrative theory. I am a PhD transfer student from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I also earned my MEd in English. My BS  in English education is from Appalachian State University, a small state school in the northwest mountains of North Carolina (near the AT). I love New York and hope to stay here after I graduate. My family lives in the small town, “Ronda,” where they live and work together. In addition to Mom and Dad, I have three brothers, nine nieces and nephews, and one great nephew.